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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Road bike, mountain bike and touring bike have following warranty policy:

  1. Bicycle parts with detail warranty times:
    1. Jett cycles, Cannondale, GT, Tern:
      1. Frame: steel and aluminum has life time warranty, carbon frame has 3 years warranty
      2. Accessories: 90 days
  • Spare parts: 1 years
  1. Tires: 30 days
  2. SRAM has 2 years warranty
  1. Giant cycles:
    1. Frame: 5 years
    2. Shifters (if any): 2 years
  • One year warranty for: grip, rims, saddle, brake, standee, crank
  1. Galaxy cycles:
    1. Frame: 3 years
    2. Accessories: 6 months
  2. Fornix, Fury:
    1. Frame: 3 years
    2. Spare parts: 1 year
  • Accessories: 6 months


  1. Tires: 30 days (if any manufacturing fault)
  1. The cases are warranted:
    1. Product which has manufacturing fault
    2. Technical incidents
    3. During warranty time, product will be fixed and replaced at our showroom
  2. The cases that we do not accept warranty:
    1. Damages due to not following the user manual of maintenance and repair.
    2. Damages to the product functions due to using over the limitation which mentioned in user manual.
    3. Damages due to using accessories not provided by Khai Sang or using accessories which are not met the standard of the product’s manufacturer
    4. Damages due to self-changing or removing spare parts that not belonged to product’s manufacturer
    5. Using product in extreme conditions that made damages to the product
    6. Repairing product at store which does not be appointed or met the standard by us.
    7. Maintenances, repairing spare parts that being damaged due to regular use
    8. Accident
    9. Broken, deformation, rusty…
    10. Accessories which do not have warranty label from the manufacturer
  3. Some notices during warranty procedure
    1. Warranty procedure is done by warranty center
    2. Please bring your warranty voucher and receipt, we will check the frame number, engine number whether matching or not
    3. When having product failure, please bring your product us as soon as possible. If there is any lateness or overdue the warranty time, you will miss the benefit of warranty procedure
Warranty Policy
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