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Difference between mountain bike (mountain bike) and mountain bike (mountain climbing)

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Difference between mountain bike (mountain bike) and mountain bike (mountain climbing)

Road bike (road) and mountain bike (mountain climbing) but are all the bike but the concept and pursue completely different purposes. If you want to “paint the breathtaking marine tours”, traveling by bicycle way, then of course the car you have to choose is the bike, bicycle on the forums I see many questions about this. What if you have the passion and excitement with the speed and the speed is the only thing of interest and excitement, the road is aimed at your destination. In terms of appearance, bike “pits” and quite complex, not the car’s elegant appearance road, but to assess a car featuring good can not be based on external appearance which can only through harmonious combination between the parts that make up an overall power for the vehicle , giving people a sense of satisfaction and the satisfaction when riding. Mountain bike not only bring the bike feeling “stable”, “comfort”, “definitely”, “form” which is also offering great driver as well as the ability to brake safely. Also the bike road then all the cars are designed for speed, because the area of contact between the tires and the road surface is very narrow so this car type “cocoon”, just match the road surface quality, fewer potholes, elephant drive on wet or muddy sliding prone poor flexibility.

Why such a difference? We will go from the essential difference is easy to find with the naked eye:

There are two big differences, firstly as bicycle touring tire pieces and parts in contact with the road surface is narrow, spare tire bike a wider and of course the part in contact with the road surface is also broader. The next difference is the wheel of the car road is narrow and curved, and the steering of the bike is usually straight or wing shaped, or goat horns Martin. Road bike then with the city bike, then fit the bad roads, offroad and offers mountain road. The last difference is airport road often have the tire size is 28 inches (28 “), due to the distance the wheel rotation create greater distance because the terrain Tires spin created, lightweight and faster, also the terrain vehicle tire size 26 inch or 24 inch, heavy and slower road tires.

We continue to go deeper into each section to find the answer:

* Tires: 700 c road tires symbols of France corresponding to the diameter of the tire 28 “, the maximum width is 23 mm, while the tyres MTB 26” in diameter and has a common width 1.9 upwards, narrow tires of the individualy is less than or equal to 1.5 “to improving road and terrain vehicle market

* Steering and balance: the Steering bike due to the activity on the mountain or bad should be the width of the wheel is greater than with the goal aimed to keep balance, control the car with many different techniques also hand driving the road due to the requirement of speed should the wheel maximum narrowing to avoid “plagued wind”.

* Chassis: by bike works on the complex terrain, often having strong tremors and right high road bike also move at high speed, the design focuses on inertia of the pedal and the weight. Road bike frame, aerodynamic design also bike frame, the muscles firm, designed the angle of the bike frames very picky. The material used to make the vehicle road also give priority to light weight material also used to make terrain chassis most attention on the issue.

* Brake: for moving on the dangers, many cases party mountain party should field bike brake type braking forces have big needs, can immediately lock the wheel, dead in the beginning of this vehicles use brakes V, the latter because higher dynamic processing requirements should turn into mechanical disc brakes and brake is the most advanced oil pressure. Car brake road still only focus for speed and light weight, this is nothing strange because when the car is moving at high speed with which the driver of the vehicle dynamic mode too abruptly will cause lost tire friction, caused the slide on the road and takes away the effect of braking.

* As before: the more of the terrain vehicle is a critical parts of the car. For experienced people reviews the features of the car, just look at this Department can also properly evaluate up to 80% the actual value of the car. As airport EXTREME MTB technology and contains many hidden techniques, is the combination of the strong impact tensile, reducing shocks to the handlebars and the saddle but back light, still in the bike road as before is simply part of the airport and various chassis still attached as before into a set.

* Weight: the weight of the bike and the road are extremely important when played, the bike may have the weight to 12.5 kg but the bike road then never exceed 10.5 kg, even equipment, accessories and even body weight who also was pressed weight pressed lang to lighter. Because of the weight of the car as the heavy pedal as much power loss, more energy consumption and more power down fast.


The differences in features and purposes of use:

Bike use in complex environments like Alpine, offroad and provides many bad road obstacles and potholes, not focus on high speed, to withstand the harsh circumstances of weather and environment, even withstand the bumps and all the incidents in the migration process.

Airport road suitable only in suitable environment, focusing on the move at high speed and go a distance away, so people call this type of car is the car.

The difference in overall posture:

Two vehicles also differ about the wind drag and cycling posture. The higher the speed of the bike as much power consumption, the attrition was not much related to the friction between the wheels and the road surface, also not linked to friction between the parts, the shaft, the bearings that relates very much to stop the wind, the higher the speed of the wind that plagued the greater , the bike was not designed for speed vehicles should also not need to, unless you want to renovate the airport terrain vehicle touring with a pair of bare tires a narrow 1.5 “and the extra driver touring more. Also for the airport road, the higher the speed the more logical due to wind drag against the posture of people cycling and car design combining form, the athlete can maintain the move on the road at a speed of 60 km/h, have to carefully evaluate the supply route because just a small negligence or the car unexpectedly met a rock or sand also can cause dangerous accidents.

In addition, the difference between the number of gears last disk before and Philippines and chains, the car’s road had teeth of sprocket gear less than the Philippines of terrain vehicle to better utilize the pedal force moved into speed, this combination was the manufacturer calculated to combine together thoroughly , sync to achieve high efficiency and highest features and the teeth of the sprocket gear, the bike has more teeth to increase the power of the bike chain, sloping terrain also thicker to withstand better traction.

There may also be other differences that this simple article also flawed not yet mentioned, as well as the differences in sense of giving during the cycle due to each car line of every vehicle type created will have differences.


Difference between mountain bike (mountain bike) and mountain bike (mountain climbing)
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