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Returning policy

Returning policy

We are applying the returning policy as following:

  • You will have your product change a new product or similar function or 100% refund when the current product has technical failure which cannot be fixed (manufacturer failure).
  • We have delivered product that is not match from your order (color, size…)

Note: returning product will have confirmation from our technical staff and meet following conditions:

  • Time: from the delivery date (recorded on the receipt) to the returning date: not exceed 3 days
  • Returning product:
    • Still in good form (not broken, rusty, deformation…)
    • Has warranty label
    • Has related documents: receipt, warranty voucher, user manual
    • Still has enough accessories, spare parts and promotion accessories

In case your product cannot meet our returning standard, the decision will be upon us.

Other charge: shipping, installing, dismantling…(cost incurred) will be paid by the customer due to our policy (if any). If the product has manufacturing failure, the shipping fee will be supported by us.

  • Any enquiry, complaint please contact us as below:

Khai Sang Co., LTD    

889 Phan Van Tri, Ward 7, Go Vap District, HCMC

Tel: 08 667 66668

Hotline: 0935 786 786 – 0943 786 786

Email: info@xedapkhaisang.comxedapkhaisang@gmail.com

Sincerely thanks!

Returning policy
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