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How to choose and use the Fixed Gear bicycle safely

How to choose and use the Fixed Gear bicycle safely

Fixed Gear bicycle does not brake line has a minimalist texture requires users to regularly work skills, the market back are much more cheap car model is found “Clones” should be as difficult in choosing a car “cooler”. A couple of points to note below will help ease than when purchasing and using Fixed Gear in good quality, safe.



Distinguish the car line

The first line is Fixed Gear brake by pedal backwards. The advantage of this line is easy to use and quite safe. The second type, the pedal backwards is going backwards, this line usually is made in the style of Matthew may catch the filling into the Philippines, the chassis should when pedal car will progress forward, and when the pedal back will backward. The advantage of this line is to have featured colorful, but somewhat difficult.

In addition, to enhance the speed of movement, inhabitants play Fixed Gear also devised the line Track using a shorter frame to strengthen năngkhí, combining the small and larger disks to the Philippines have a higher top speed. However, this design also has a few small drawback is cost to bike more, and if driving unfamiliar front wheel touches prone on the leg during the turn. On the other hand, the fast speed also means that the brake the car will harder, higher technical requirements. Should this Track Fixie line is usually recommended when was actually mastered the basic line after about 1 year.

The texture, the technical details

Because the line is not car brakes, car retarder speed control by foot through the pedals and chain, so the details in the chain should be considered carefully before buying. The sockets in the chain are sophisticated, carefully by buying phony car, if the connections in the world, are tracked to ride off the chain it is difficult to control the speed, easy to cause the accident.





Fixed Gear bike frames made from various types of material: iron, steel, aluminum, ti tan …. The use of iron frames usually are cheaper due to the type of this frame makes the vehicle heavier and prone to rust. Fixed Gear frame of aluminium and titanium are said to be the best, the weight of the car light, movement and ease of performing the movements difficult. So the car aluminum frame and Titanium also has a higher price. Shaft tube connection details are also very important, if it’s accurate, sophisticated, when docking the detail will rarely have to edit, the user peace of mind when using.

Paint of the car are all color. You can use the flashlight to soi, if reveal the hole point of room, paint colors not evenly lit, then demonstrates the quality of the car is really good.

In particular, with the Fixed Gear “fake” is also used instead of processing goods bearing a silver bullet drive, so after some time bearing machining will be broken off which made the car calling for filter slotting.

Some of the more fitting in that the legs cover the pedals to foot at it when users vehicles, it helps to set fixed legs, avoid foot condition turned out of the pedal. However, there are also foot giọ the danger is in some emergency situations, users to panic should not be ejected out the leg up.

Safe use

With the pedal structure attached to the axis of motion, the player initially Fixed Gear will have difficulty to get familiar with the move and the brakes of the car. In particular, with the use of the foot brake the car, surely this pleasure is not easy for those who are afraid of difference and reluctant adventure.

When defined like to stick and fluent this type of car, the most important skills include the skill reduction, estimate distance, as the front wheels, rear wheels, balancing when standing still.

To enjoy Fixed Gear a secure way, players should look to the store or club car has prestige and quality assurance for purchase and join together to train.

In addition, the vehicle used to perform techniques such as picking first, then the tail will draw more perishable.



How to choose and use the Fixed Gear bicycle safely
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